Golf Course Renovation, Irrigation, Bunkers | Duininck Golf
Golf Course Renovation, Irrigation, Bunkers | Duininck Golf


Whether you need a simple bunker reshaping or a full golf course overhaul, our team will make your course look its best.

Sometimes cart paths break down. Fairways may not drain correctly, or your ponds may be running dry. Or maybe your golf course just needs a facelift. No matter the challenge, Duininck Golf can do it.

We not only do all the work, we pull permits and deal with environmental regulations — issues that can slow a project down. Our experts handle it all while working quickly, efficiently, and on budget to avoid disruption.

Duininck Golf ensures your course looks and plays beautifully from the first tee box to the 18th green.

The right irrigation system is part of what keeps your fairways and greens in pristine condition. Whether your water supply comes from an underground well or a man-made lake or pond, we’ll handle everything — building the infrastructure, pulling permits and creating an environmentally friendly system that works for your course.

Whether you desire a satellite, PVC system, or the cutting-edge two-wire system with HDPE, our crews are highly trained to install whichever system fits your needs. Assisting with design to save your course with the most efficient watering systems available.

Bunkers are meant to be a nuisance for golfers, but they shouldn’t be for your grounds crew.

Building and maintaining bunkers starts with design and selecting materials. Using the right sand and lining can lead to better playability and easier upkeep for staff.

That’s why Duininck Golf specializes in the Better Billy Bunker method — it’s the best bunker construction method available.

Better Billy Bunker benefits include:

2″ Polymer-treated gravel layer provides maximum drainage —
the fastest in the industry at 400″+ per hour
No geo-textile liners
Substantially reduces washouts
Eliminates silt contamination
Huge maintenance savings
Extremely durable — 10-year guarantee
Affordable — cost is similar to most fabric liners

If you want the best bunkers available, you want Duininck Golf, Better Billy Bunker Certified Installer.

Featured Case Study : Hazeltine National Golf Course
Bunker Renovation

Bunker Reshaping & Golf Course Renovation | Duininck Golf

The Problem

Hazeltine Golf Club had a bunker problem. The premier Minnesota golf club hosts prestigious PGA events like the 2016 Ryder Cup, and its grounds crew was dealing with poor drainage, standing water, and sand washing out of bunkers. Interested in the Better Billy Bunker system, Hazeltine reached out to Duininck Golf in 2014 to discuss potential solutions.


The Duininck Solution

After the Duininck team installed a trial Better Billy Bunker that fall, the Hazeltine crew saw immediate results. Duininck Golf returned in 2015 to overhaul all of Hazeltine’s bunkers, installing Better Billy Bunkers throughout the course to ensure better drainage and sand retention for the Ryder Cup and beyond.


The Results

With the new system in place, Hazeltine’s bunkers were completely transformed. The grounds crew hasn’t had to pump out any water or move a single grain of sand since the Better Billy Bunkers were installed. Duininck Golf exceeded expectations by minimizing the disruption to players on the course while getting the project done on time and on budget.